Better Than The Best: BTTB

George and Brande Christian

George E. Christian III (aka Chris) is a disciple of Christ who serves as Associate Elder of New Covenant Life Kingdom Community. Chris and his wife Brande live in Virginia Beach with their three beautiful children, Detranelle (Dee), Serah (Cake), and Aidan (AJ).  They have been married for over twenty-four years and all three of their children are excelling and maturing in their relationship with Christ Jesus. For those who know Chris, know that he is a loving husband and father who follows Christs’ example in building Kingdom lifestyle and culture in his home through joyfully serving his family. Both Chris and Brande have been serving alongside Apostle Shon and Marie Mitchell for over fourteen years. In NCLKC, Chris and Brande oversee and serve as Youth Leaders inside of the Better-Than-The-Best (BTTB) initiative designed to instruct, educate, and train the youth in the values, culture, doctrine, and principles created and disseminated inside of NCLKC. In short, this directly aligns with Chris & Brande’s passion which is bringing people into an accurate understanding and revelation of God and His Kingdom. 


Better-Than-The-Best (BTTB)

Taken from Daniel 1:20, BTTB is the educational initiative of NCLKC designed and tailored to expand Kingdom lifestyle and understanding into the lives of the young people inside of the community. The main purpose of this initiative: to disciple the youth by teaching, instructing, and training them so that they too can know and have a personal relationship with our King Father and His Son (our brother), Jesus Christ; as well as, become functioning and contributing citizens of the Kingdom of God. Consequently, one of the ways to accomplish these goals is through exploring and examining the lives of young people found in the Bible who lived in ancient times but successfully cooperated and executed the plans and purposes of God in their day. The storehouses of the lives of our spiritual forefathers like Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah are invaluable as they reveal to us examples, patterns, and principles that young people who are a part of God’s Heavenly colony here in the earth today can extract and use in their lives to achieve the same positive results that they achieved in their time here. To illustrate, this initiative is broken down into three stages: I. BTTB Primary (ages 4 – 9) II. BTTB Intermediate (ages 9 – 12) III. BTTB Secondary (ages 13 – 18). This allows us to capture every phase of the growth process of our young shareholders in NCLKC.


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