Our Calling

New Covenant Life Kingdom Community Values

  1. Values defined are the principles or standards by which one governs his/her life.

  2. Representation: We highly regard the description or portrayal of the nature of God emanating from our life as He intended from the beginning of creation. Genesis 1:26, Matthew 5:16, John 14:9

  3. Dependence: We rely on God in us and God in you.  We can simply call this faith.  Hebrews 11:6, John 5:19, John 15:5

  4. Excellence:  We bring our best effort to all we do as unto the Lord. We pursue improvement in all areas of ministry including classes, instruction, administration, and relationships.  We do the best with what God has given us and conduct ministry with integrity, quality, and professionalism.  Colossians 3:23-24, Hebrews 1:1-5, Daniel 6:3-4

  5. Respect: We are accepting, appreciative, considerate and attentive of everyone regardless of any differences.  Matthew 7:12, Romans 12:10, Philippians 2:3

  6. Christ-like Relationships:  The NCLKC Family are followers of Jesus. As His followers, we honor Him in all of our relationships. We practice the “one-another” commands of the New Testament as a way of fulfilling Jesus’ command to love one another.  John 13:34-35, 1 John 2:10, 1 John 3:14-15

  7. Servant Leadership: We believe the oil flows from the head to the beard to the body (Psalm 133).  Since Jesus is our head.  We embrace the development as the corporate man to become visionaries, initiators and equippers through inspiration and life examples.  We lead with our life and regard everyone higher than ourselves.  Matthew 23:11, Philippians 2:5-7

  8. Partnership: We nurture deliberate and defined relationships with others who will co-labor with us in our mission.  We are not only about ourselves.  We support and will co-labor with others to fulfill their mission as well.  This includes individuals, churches, and other agencies that are in alignment to Gods will and purpose.   We seek a broad, objective, and neutral embrace of the multi-faceted churches, denominations, agencies and kingdom organizations. Our desire is that our mobilization efforts extend to all demographics including those of gender, ethnicity, location, and socioeconomics. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Luke 10:1

  9.                 Apostle Shon and Prophet Marie Mitchell


Our mission

  • Our mission at NCLKC is to build a earthly society that mimics our kingdom through colonization.

  • Colonization - an ongoing process by which a central system of power dominates the surrounding land and its components.

  • This will be accomplished through the kingdom mandate of:

    • The Ministry of Reconciliation: 2 Cor. 5:17-20​​​​

    • Discipleship: Matthew 28:18-20


Our Vision

  • A direct word form the Lord was given to Senior Elder Shon Mitchell "build the church across the city."

  • Zechariah 2:3 NIV

  • Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the great number of people and animals in it. And I myself will be a wall of fire around it, declares the Lord, 'and I will be its glory within.'


Statement of Faith

  • There is one God, existing eternally in three persons; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  John 10:30; John 14:26, Philippians 2:5-7

  • The Bible is the infallible Word o God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and contains every answer to man’s problems.  2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21

  • God is Love and He loves all people. It is His desire to reach out to those who are poor, oppressed, widowed or orphaned, and to heal the brokenhearted.  Psalm 68:5-6; 1 John 4:16

  • Man is created in the image of God but separated from God by sin. Without Jesus we cannot have a relationship with God. Genesis 1:26; 1 Timothy 2:5

  • We can have a personal relationship with God through salvation, God’s free gift to man. It is not a result of what we do, but it is only available through God’s unearned favor. By admitting we have sinned and believing in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, and accepting Him as Lord, we can spend eternity with God.  Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 5:1; Romans 3:24

  • We believe in water baptism, as taught and demonstrated by Jesus, as the way for believers to identify with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Matthew 28:19; Romans 6:4; Matthew 3:13-17

  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a gift from God. He helps empower the believer to develop the character of Christ and live every day in God’s will. Matthew 3:11; Acts 2:4

  • God gives all believers spiritual gifts. They are for the strengthening of God’s people (the Church) and proof of God’s existence and power to unbelievers. The gift of the Spirit are active and relevant today. 1 Corinthians 12:4-11;1 Peter 4:10

  • Sanctification is the ongoing process of allowing God’s character to be developed in us. Romans 6:19; Galatians 5:22-25

  • Divine healing is active in the lives of people today through Jesus, who is the Healer; Healing includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual restoration. Luke 9:11; Matthew 9:35; Acts 10:38; Matthew 10:1

  • Jesus will return and take all those who have accepted Him as Savior to be with Him for eternity. Acts 1:11; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17; Hebrew 9:28                                    

  • The Bible describes hell as a real place. It is a place of suffering and a place of permanent separation from God for those who die without accepting Christ. God’s desire is that no one be separated from Him for eternity, which is why He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth. Hebrews 9:27; Revelation 20:12-15; John 3:16-18